About Suffolk Wellbeing

Lots of people struggle at times in life. Living Life to the Full teaches a range of life skills that are based on the tried and trusted CBT approach, to aim to improve wellbeing and resilience as you go through the journey of life.

Life is a journey, sometimes its blue sky and sunshine, admiring the view from the peaks. Whereas sometimes it seems far harder, a struggle which feels constantly as if we’re going uphill with storms, it can feel lonely and cold.

However you’re feeling, this site aims to help provide useful information and resources that can act as tools to use on your own life journey.

Courses include?

  • Living Life to the Full – for low mood and stress
  • Living Life to the Full for those with Chronic Pain
  • Living Life to the Full for those with diabetes
  • Living Life to the Full for Farming Communities
  • Living Life to the Full Without Walls
  • Reclaim Your Life for those living with long term illness
  • Enjoy Your Bump – for expectant mothers
  • Enjoy Your Baby
  • Enjoy Your Infant
  • Support for Parents  with Children Facing Life-Threatening Illness

We try to teach important life skills that aim to help empower and equip you. You’ll learn how to; understand how you feel as you do, choose to do activities that improve wellbeing, identify blocks or activities that make us feel worse, boost your confidence, understand and change your sleep, become more assertive, calm anxious worries and be more compassionate and supportive of yourself, asking for what you need, be calmer, less irritable and more.


Who recommends this site?

This site is highly recommended by many charities and health services around the UK.

The course content is written by an accredited CBT practitioner who is also an expert in education and training, Dr Chris Williams, Emeritus Professor of Psychosocial Psychiatry University of Glasgow. It aims to give key information using everyday non-complex language.

All the courses are used under licence from Five Areas Ltd and use the popular Living Life to the Full course series available seperately at www.llttf.com

That website receives over 25M hits a year and has helped hundreds of thousands of people over the years. It was also found to be the most recommended website by NHS England, Mental Health Trusts and IAPT teams.

Our courses are based on a tried and trusted approach known as CBT and several have been evaluated in research trials. Visit our Evidence Base page.


What do the courses offer?

Each course offers free modules including worksheets to print off and use. There are also a number of additional features such as linked online books, videos and the ability to make plans to help keep you on track, review progress and set reminders.


Getting support as you learn

If you’re feeling stressed or low it can be especially hard to feel motivated and organised enough to plan change. Ipwich Wellbeing therefore offers free automated weekly emails to remind and help motivate your use of the course. We also offer an option for a coach or supporter to work with you as you learn, to help you stay on track. Please note no one will have sight of your personal data unless you consent and request them to form a personal support relationship with you.

Do I need to buy anything?

No. If you live in the Suffolk area and are registered with a local GP practice you can use your preferred course completely free of charge.  Many of our books are also available free of charge in local libraries. (Please note the Living Life to the Full course book can also be borrowed free of charge in local libraries across Suffolk.)


Living outside the Suffolk area?

Don’t worry, you can still access any of these courses for free at www.llttf.com, however an optional subscription is required to unlock access to the online books.


This site is for anyone living in Suffolk. If you live in Norfolk or Waveney, Bury St Edmunds or elsewhere – click here to discover other supports.


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